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Filling in the consultation questionnaire is very important. But you may find it difficult to actually say everything you want as the format is quite restrictive. It is also important to send in an objection letter as well and this gives you the opportunity to have your say.  I am collecting examples of objection letters here so you can get some ideas of things to say.  Do you have a letter that you would share?  I will blank out your street address and postcode before posting, Please send to webmaster@pucklechurch.org

By all means use the ideas in these letters. It will have more impact if you put the objection into your own words.  But don’t let that get in the way of writing if so if you feel that what has already been said bears repeating - then use it.

There are are contact details at the bottom of the page - you can (and should) send your letter to all of them. If I’ve missed someone out let me know at the email above.


Name of author



Jacki Berry

Feasibility study did not consider public transport as an option. Road building does not address congestion and other issues in the longer term. Community Plan and Neighbourhood plans show community places high value on Green Belt. Green belt is precious.

JB-j18a objection-redacted.pdf

Leigh Melvin

This letter takes each objective and argues that there are better options than a new junction and there will be significant impacts not identified in the consultation. For example, improving the M32J1 and MwJ19 to a free flow intersection, better (and free buses) and much more.

LM_Consultation Response.pdf

H. Harrop

Another good letter that takes a different approach by highlighting the statements in the The South Gloucestershire local plan core strategy document-Vision For 2006 to 2027 which appears to be now ignored!

HH_M4 J18A Objection redacted.pdf

Dr & Mrs R Palmer

This objection letter brings in the issues that stopped a junction being built in 1999 and points out no new evidence has been provided.  It is also has a good summary of topic areas for objection letters

MP_J18A reasons for objection 3 October 2017 redacted.pdf

Rick Dunning

A powerfully moving and poignant objection letter that contrasts the West of England combined authorities' vision and  how the J18a proposal run directly counter to this - with clear examples.

Rick letter A Deeks redacted.pdf

Pucklechurch Parish Council

A detailed analysis of the consultation documents and process with the main objections being:

The consultation process and its failure to provide appropriate detailed and accurate information on which anyone can make a well-informed comment

• The efficacy of providing a junction at all in light of the fact that no alternative options have been explored against which the proposed options can be tested

• Evidence that demonstrates why neither of the two eastern options are appropriate

M4 Junction 18a Link Study Response PPC (002).pdf

Martin Smith

The focus is on the evidence that a new J18a will not solve the traffic issues and there are better ways to achieve the consultation objectives.

MS J18a Objection Final redacted.pdf

Malcolm Greenaway

Covers the main areas of objection - lack of public transport option, erosion of greenbelt, loss of habitat, division of community, induced traffic (noise and pollution) and violation of conservation area.

MG Consultation Response 10-10-2017 redacted.pdf

Addresses to send letter

South Gloucestershire Council


Chief Executive Officer, South Gloucestershire Council

Highways England


Luke Hall MP


Chris Skidmore MP


Chris Grayling MP, Transport Secretary


Steve Reade, SG councillor


Ben Stokes, SG councillor